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Android: Unified Gmail brings all your Mailboxes under One App

None of us rely on a single email address. We have multiple email addresses catering to various types of transactions, exigencies, and redundancies. And emails are mostly read on cell phones. It is quite frustrating to have to install multiple apps to access multiple mailboxes. Gmail app for Android has come

Yahoo’s Anti Work from Home Policy Makes Good Sense

Yahoo has rebutted the current trend in the IT industry by asking their work from home employees to return to offices. While this has shocked many IT innovators, I can see common sense prevail over practicalities. Work from home is a popular option among many IT organizations, especially those in the

Fired on Phone : Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

Even at the lower rung of the ladder, employees getting fired are communicated to personally or through an email (or the famous pink slips). Through a phone is unusual, but considering that a CEO of a major media giant was done in on a phone call is embarrassing, not for