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Everything You Need to Know about PMI-ACP Exam

In this post, I will discuss about what exactly is your PMI-ACP exam is based on, and also run you through the complete set of domains as you prepare for the exam.

Topics to Expect

Most people often think that Agile is all about Scrum and if they know the methodology well, they are masters of the Agile universe.

Apart from Scrum, the exam touches base on XP, Lean, Kanban, Crystal and other smaller Agile methodologies as well.

The exam tests your understanding of the test driven development methodology as well.

Collaboration is the basis for today’s digital transformation and the PMI-ACP exam is no different. You can expect plenty of topics and questions that test your understanding directly and also it may skirt the topic through a different context.


If you have taken the PMP exam as well, you will be pleased to note that the PMI-ACP exam is nothing like it. The amount of rigidity which is a flavor of PMP exam is absent to a certain extent.

This exam has 100 scored test questions. There are 20 seated test questions, which means you will answer 120 questions in total. You will not know which of the 20 questions are seated questions.

Seated questions are chosen dynamically. It is based on how the pool of PMI-ACP candidates answer the test questions correctly. If there is an easy question and if 99% of the candidates get it right, then the chances of this question becoming a seated question is high.

As an exam taker, you should stop worrying about seated and unseated questions and prepare for the exam to answer all 120 right.

You have three hours to complete the exam.

There’s also a pre-test tutorial before you begin the exam. You cannot jot down anything on your paper during the tutorial. You can begin writing once your exam clock starts.

When you are done answering the questions, click finish. There is a confirmation that checks if you are really done.

The score shows up automatically on your screen. But before you can see that, there’s a little survey about your experience. Your wait to see your score gets a little longer! It’s mandatory. You cannot skip it.

Exam Domains

The exam questions are going to be broken down into 7 domains. There are a certain percentage questions that appear from each of the domains. They are listed in the table below.

For example, we have agile principles and mindset which is 16 percent of your exam. Value driven delivery at 20 percent.

The exam results will list down each of the domains and your performance against each one of them – similar to the PMP exam.

Point to note, most domains hover between 16 and 20.

DomainExam Percentage
Agile Principles and Mindset16
Value-driven Delivery20
Stakeholder Engagement17
Team Performance16
Adaptive Planning12
Problem Detection and Resolution10
Continuous Improvement9
PMI-ACP Domain Areas

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