New Book: Learning DevOps

I was onboarded onto the publication of a new DevOps book by Packt Publishing – Learning DevOps. The book is authored by Mikael Krief and focuses on the tools part of the DevOps methodology.

A number of tools are introduced and a tutorial to configure it is offered. Majority of the tools that are discussed are from the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) section including Terraform, Ansible and Packer.

Further, tools from pipeline orchestration (Jenkins), containers (Docker and Kubernetes) and from quality angle (SonarQube and ZAP) are examined in some detail.

It’s quite a massive book with 504 pages. You can either buy it as an ebook or a paperback copy. Or the favorite of the times – subscribe to one of the existing book channels that lets out books for monthly subscription fees.

My Role in the Book Making

I was approached to be a technical reviewer for some part of the book. By the time, I came into the project, I believe about 2/3rds of the book was already written and I was given 10 chapters to review. Ebru Cucen is the other technical reviewer who covered the rest of the chapters.

I was impressed that Mikael could write in depth about so many tools and the technical details did not require too many tweaks.

The Publisher

The publisher, Packt Publishing is professional as always. I had worked with them in the past when they had offered to publish my first book – Communication Skills for IT Professionals.

My working relationship was absolute and it never felt like I was squeezed or being asked of unreasonable demands.

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