Power of Learning Local Language

In India, each state has a language of its own. People move across states, take their languages across the border, and keep it that way. There is generally no effort to learn the state’s language, and this leads to disparity. Local population start to discriminate people who don’t speak the local tongue, and look at them like outsiders. The folly is entirely the person who has immigrated to a new land, and does not want to homogeneous with the environment.

The same applies not only within states in India, but also across the globe. In the Netherlands, not everybody are locals. I have seen several immigrants already, and they converse in Dutch just like everybody else. I met a Chinese man who moved to Netherlands two years back from China to work in IT. He says picking up Dutch is the best thing he has done so far since his arrival. Although he does not look European, people don’t treat him like an outsider, and that is a gain. One needs to gel into the system rather than stay afloat on the brim with bare necessities.

I have been here for 48 hours now and have picked up a few words, and I love the expression on my Dutch colleague’s face when I use these words. It makes them smile, and maybe build a rapport more rapidly than it was meant to be.

Good Morning – Goede Morgen (pronounced as hood morgen)

Good Afternoon – Goede Middag (pronounced as hood middag)

Good Evening – Goede Avond (pronounced as hood aphond)

Good Bye – Tot Ziens (pronounced as its spelt)

Let’s say I pick up a call, my greeting should be something like goede morgen met Abhinav. This basically translates to good morning (you are) speaking with Abhinav.

In your email signature, you generally have a thanks or regards. If you want to put that in Dutch, with kind regards translates to Met Vriendelijke Groe.

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