What is Customer Service?

What is customer service?

I have thought of this topic for a long long time, through the reports I prepared, and the exams I took as a part of my professional development. I have over seven years of experience in customer service, and yet, I stumble every time one of my junior colleagues want to speak on the dreaded topic of customer service.

So, what is it really?

According to me, customer service is an art of tending to a customer. The person providing service could be a hotelier, Geek Squad, a call center agent sitting some five thousand miles away, or any tom, dick and harry. Everybody has a customer to look after, be it internal or external. For a homemaker, it could be her husband and kids and for a liquor baron, it could millions of bottle chasers who swear by it when tight.

I have read some material on customer service, and experts believe that customer service is all about satisfying the customer. I disagree. Customer satisfaction is a result of customer service, and we cannot not base this area of study on its results, but on the process it entails.

I am sure as I have disagreed with the experts, there are millions who are ready to rise the stick and beat me down on the choice of my words, well, that is the fun of working with customers – it’s highly subjective. Everybody have their own thoughts and I am eager to capture it in my book – oh yes, I haven’t mentioned as yet in this post, I am writing a book on this topic. I won’t reveal the topic just as yet.

Abhinav Kaiser

Abhinav Kaiser is an author and a management consultant. He has authored Reinventing ITIL in the Age of DevOps, Become ITIL Foundation Certified in 7 Days and Workshop in a Box: Communication for IT Professionals. He works as an agile/devops coach in one of the top consulting firms. He advises businesses, organizations and enterprises in the areas of DevOps, IT service management and agile project management frameworks.

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