IT News – 29 March 2012

Indians Love Social Networking More than Emails – Norton has conducted a survey on urban Indians, and the results are reassuring that social networking is the go-to place on the internet. It beats emailing by quite a distance. On an average, Indians spend 9.7 hours a week on social networking websites such as Facebook and around 6 hours on emails. Read more.

Microsoft and Google in Slugfest over Cloud Domination – Microsoft, the king of PC machines and Google, the emperor of the web were always believed to be running on parallel lines. It is now clear that the paths were not parallel, but was converging to the technology that will define success machinations in the future – cloud. In India, both the companies are vying for a spot to outdo the other. The answer, I am afraid, is in the pudding, which is yet to be tasted fully. Current score – Microsoft bags some big names in Essar, Sporting Mindz, Idhasoft, and Gradatim while Google has the bulk – Indian Youth Congress, IndiaMart, Indiainfoline, Flipkart and Sterlite Technologies. If you include the enterprise software that Microsoft owns, it is a long distance ahead of the web emperor. But, in the IT world, one company or the other always play catch-up, and gets there in the blink of an eye.

Nokia Launches 1st Smartphone in China – No wonder Nokia is doing terribly in the smartphone market. The biggest mobile market – China is perhaps the most tapped, and Nokia is making entry after the iPhones and galaxies have laid siege over it. The company launched its Lumia 800C and is supported by China Telecom Ltd.

Facebook to go Public in May– In February earlier this year, Facebook announced its arrival on the stock market, and it is confirmed that it will happen in May. Meanwhile, the company has put an end to selling shares in the secondary market – which will aid them understand the accurate count of investors.

RIM Trims Blackberry Prices – Canadian RIM has slashed the rates of Blackberry devices in India by as much as 26%. The move apparently is to attract consumers to a device that is chiefly known for its enterprise usage. But, seriously, this is the age of iPhones and galaxies, where is the space for Blackberries and Nokias? I doubt the price cut would hardly add to a rise in sales.

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