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Comprehensive List of ITIL 2011 Abbreviations

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ITIL is filled with abbreviations at each and every juncture. In fact, ITIL itself is one – Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It can be quite confusing for first timers and those who haven’t worked in the environment for long. In fact, those of us who work in such environments use ITIL abbreviations with ease and don’t think about the opposite person such as the customer whether he is aware of the terminologies.

Here is a comprehensive list of ITIL abbreviations and its expanded forms. Let me know if I have missed out any.

AM availability management
AMIS availability management information system
BCM business continuity management
BCP business continuity plan
BIA business impact analysis
BRM business relationship manager
CAB change advisory board
CFO chief financial officer
CI configuration item
CIO chief information officer
CMDB configuration management database
CMIS capacity management information system
CMS configuration management system
CSF critical success factor
CSI continual service improvement
CSIP continual service improvement plan
DML definitive media library
DIKW data-information-knowledge-wisdom
ECAB emergency change advisory board
ISM information security management
ISMS information security management system
ITSCM IT service continuity management
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP information security policy
IT information technology
ITSCM IT service continuity management
ITSM IT service management
KEDB known error database
KPI key performance indicator
MTBF mean time between failures
MTRS mean time to restore service
OGC Office of Government Commerce
OLA operational level agreement
PBA pattern of business activity
RACI responsible, accountable, consulted and informed
RFC request for change
ROI return on investment
SACM service asset and configuration management
SCMIS supplier and contract management information system
SDP service design package
SFIA Skills Framework for the Information Age
SIP service improvement plan
SKMS service knowledge management system
SLA service level agreement
SLAM service level agreement monitoring (chart)
SLM service level management
SLR service level requirement
SMART specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound
SOP standard operating procedures
SPM service portfolio management
TCO total cost of ownership
TSO The Stationery Office
UC underpinning contract
VBF vital business function
VIP very important person
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Abhinav Kaiser
Abhinav Kaiser is an author and a management consultant. He has authored Reinventing ITIL in the Age of DevOps, Become ITIL Foundation Certified in 7 Days and Workshop in a Box: Communication for IT Professionals. He works as an agile/devops coach in one of the top consulting firms. He advises businesses, organizations and enterprises in the areas of DevOps, IT service management and agile project management frameworks.

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  1. Hi Abhinav, it was always a great treat in reading your technical blogs related to ITIL. Need some information on 1) lifecycle of an incident 2) life cycle of a problem

    It would be great if it could be explained in a diagram form. Thanks in advance

    Suresh Gopalan

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