CWG is the National Shame of India

It is disheartening to read that the infrastructure preparation for the Common Wealth Games scheduled to held later this year in New Delhi is running into rough weather almost every day. The latest in line is the village complex which hosts athletes and other support personnel. Stray dogs have inhabited this deserted area, entered the bedrooms and pooped all over. If this is not enough, some countries such as Scotland are engaging cleaners through their embassies, they just don’t trust Indian administrators.

Earlier this evening, I heard another dismal news that the false roof at a wrestling arena came crumbling down. What a shame? We are being called the 3rd most powerful nation in the world, and our organization skills are up to dogs and their poop.

The root cause for this mess are the administrators. They were so eager to watch the money fall into their Swiss accounts, they overlooked the quality employed in installing false roofs.

This is the bane of India. Corruption, it runs deep in the veins. CWG can boast of the expensive infrastructure ever – at three hundred billion Indian rupees which is around $7 billion. But, the infrastructure we see is well below par and the evidence is in the pudding – the accidents.

It is not that Indians are incapable of organizing such events or are incapable of building quality infrastructure. They are skilled, one could say better than the architects and builders of Rome and France. But, they like the moolah more than the outcome they are likely to bring out.

People at the helm like Suresh Kalmadi in this instance get the lion’s share of the money unspent on CWG preparation, and the under-the-table pocketing trickles down to the peon in the CWG office.

To add to this calamity, Indians have a short term memory, and forgive all the mishaps and accept the very people who ruined their respect. Kalmadi is an Indian legislator, and is a minister in the Indian government run the Congress party. The political party is aware of his dealings, and yet they cannot risk going against a legislator, as any downside in the support they enjoy will ensure the government downfall.

We have to live with this and there is no other way out. Kalmadi will go out tomorrow after ensuring that his six generations have sufficient money to live life in romp, and another Kalmadi will come in and continue the trend. This is the 3rd most powerful nation we are talking about.

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