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How to Find a Great PMP Mock Exam Online

Are you considering taking the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam? Are you wondering what types of questions are on the exam, if you understand the material enough to pass, or if you can answer 200 questions in four hours? You can discover the answers to these questions and other like them through taking mock exams or answering mock online exam questions before you even register for an official exam date.

Free PMP® Exam Sample Question

Question Laura has recently been assigned as project manager on a construction project that is currently in the initiating phase. During a board meeting Laura is asked to present the business case for her project. Instead, Laura presents the project charter. What is wrong with this approach? A.) Nothing is wrong; the

The Three R’s You need for Your PMP Exam

As part of the process of preparing to take the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam you have most likely read about the use of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Roles and Responsibilities, and the Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). Each of these tools & techniques are discussed within A Guide to