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Motivation Series: 10 Ways of Getting Motivated

I have questioned the very need for getting motivated in the first place. I also discussed the alternatives for motivation that keep us going and doing things that we do on a regular basis. If all these fail, what can be done? Well, here are ten other ways that you can get

Motivation Series : How do I Motivate Others?

I was consulting with a medium sized banking organization a few years earlier. I happened to be in a meeting where a senior manager addressed his team. I later found out that he hardly gets in a schedule to meet with his team. And the meeting I was in was the first

Motivation Series : What is Motivation?

Motivation is one of the biggest leadership topics. Almost all leadership mentors have talked and written about it during their essay. So what is motivation? The dictionary definition is providing with a reason to act in a certain way. No matter how enormous this field of study is, it eventually boils down

Motivation Series: Show Some Appreciation

Everything was fine, or so you thought. Out of the blue one of your team members just snapped. This was really surprising since this person is generally easy going, friendly, people oriented and very accommodating. You watched in horror as this person sat in your team meeting and went from