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Don’t Shoot the Thinker : Intro to Thinking Circle

I was in a client meeting last week on a consulting piece of work. As a part of the exercise, I invited the management and the team leaders to a brainstorming session. I started by giving the background and asking people how they would arrive at a solution. Well, as I expected,

ITIL Service Explained

In my previous post, I explained service is general as something that creates value for the customer. I explained it with the help of a lawn mowing service where the customer benefits out of the service that you are offering. Focusing the same concept towards ITIL, where we specifically deal with

Facebook Death Predicted – Year 2017

The faster you rise, the harder you fail. This adage perhaps suits Facebook in this century. The popular social network is on its way to becoming obsolete, according to researchers from Princeton University. The researchers John Cannarella and Joshua A. Spechler have drawn parallels between Facebook and disease. Like diseases, they

Two Factor Authentication Comic

A number of social media websites are introducing two factor authentication due to the upbeat success of hackers, and a horrendous rise of identity thefts. Twitter, Facebook and Google are a few to have jumped in readily. The below comic is a satirical illustration of the two factor authentication.Click on

Facebook to Acquire Whatsapp?

Rumor mill is hinting at a possible takeover of Whatsapp by Facebook. If this move is to come to fruition, Facebook can effortlessly add another nine hundred million users to its tally. Whatsapp works on phone numbers, and the Mark Zuckerberg company through this acquisition can get a handle on all

Facebook IPO the Biggest Ever for an Internet Company

Eyebrows were raised in 2004 when Google's $23 billion valuation raised an IPO of $1.9 billion. Eight years on, a new record is in the offing. Facebook, the social networking giant is jumping in the ring of stock markets with a $10 billion IPO. Morgan Stanley group is tipped to

Facebook behind Divorces?

I am probably certain a future headline will read something like this - men are the reason for growing population. I will not be surprised when I read such a piece as there are several similar stories that are breaking out recently. The latest is on the biggest social community

Indian Government to Monitor Facebook and Twitter Content

Perhaps what China did around ten years back was the right thing to do. They started monitoring each and every byte that came in and left their country. And, the world outcast them and their policies. Google especially had a lot to pay - and many companies had to pack