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Free PMP® Exam Sample Question

Question Which is the process of creating, collecting, distributing, storing, and disposing of performance information, including status reports, progress measurements, and forecasts? A.) Manage Communications B.) Control Communications C.) Manage Stakeholder Engagement D.) Plan Communications Management Question provided by The PM Exam Simulator: Answer & Explanation Correct Answer: A) Manage Communications is the process of creating,

Will PM/PPM Software Solve Your Project and Portfolio Management Problems?

I remember a conversation I once had with a Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a federal government agency involved in several megaprojects, i.e. the projects with budgets exceeding $1 billion. The situation at the organization was really bad: enormous budget overruns, missed milestones and unhappy stakeholders. The following exchange took place

Free PMP® Exam Sample Question

Question You are conducting an electrical network and fixtures installation project. During project execution, your quality auditors highlighted some defects in the work performed. You analyze the situation and determine that these are genuine defects that need to be fixed. You submit a change request, which is approved and the team

15 Project Management Quotes

Here are some amazing quotes on project management and they inspire! Remember that projects are temporary so the engagement on a project is short compared to service industry and also the things that we ought to learn on the go and apply are incredibly challenging. Courtesy :

Free PMP® Exam Sample Question

Question You are managing a telecom project. You have two teams reporting to you. One team is responsible for equipment installation and the other team is responsible for commissioning and testing the equipment. Both teams are working in parallel so that as soon as the installation team finishes equipment installation at