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Which ITIL Process to Implement First?

Which ITIL process should I implement first? There are close to thirty ITIL processes. This is a common question that I get posed whenever I talk about implementing ITIL. It's a good question no doubt as the ITIL processes raises plenty of questions that are on the similar lines - Did the

List of ITIL V3 (2011) Processes and Functions

I get swarmed with questions on how many processes exist in ITIL in total and which processes lie in which lifecycle phase. To be honest, I miss and mix up a few processes in between. I kept a cheat sheet that I use for quick reference. I believe in trusting

A Very Brief Introduction of ITIL V3 Lifecycle Phases

ITIL V3 comes compartmentalized as five phases, each phase is a book, 5 books in total. Service strategy is the first phase of ITIL V3. It deals with the business end of service management - strategizing which service to offer to customers and opting for services depends on the market space,