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Most Common Passwords in 2015

common passwords

People don’t learn. Their passwords are as common as an old shoe. Here’s the list of the most common passwords from 2015, and it is no different from the previous years.

List of Worst Passwords in 2014 is Revealed

Knowing how weakly and unimaginatively people come out with passwords is one way to pat our own backs about the passwords we employ. Replacing e with 3 and o with 0 is an old trick and hackers know it too. Before you realize it, your password is cracked and your personal

25 Worst Passwords in 2013

Take a guess on what the worst possible password is in 2013? Let me give you a hint. In 2012, password was the worst password. In 2013, password has taken the second spot. The list is headed by 123456 which was the second worst in 2012. What do I mean by worst password? I