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Which ITIL Process to Implement First?

Which ITIL process should I implement first? There are close to thirty ITIL processes. This is a common question that I get posed whenever I talk about implementing ITIL. It's a good question no doubt as the ITIL processes raises plenty of questions that are on the similar lines - Did the

Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators, popularly abbreviated as KPI is a key component to measure success in all fields. Simply put, they define the measure and the trends that make or break the output of a process or a project. As the name states, they are performance indicators, they indicate whether the performance is on

Incident Priority in ITIL Explained with Examples

Tagging incidents with the right priority has been a questionable topic across organizations that are practicing ITIL. No matter what the basic principles are in terms of mapping priority to incidents, there are always lingering questions whether the chosen priority is indeed the right one. In this piece, I will provide