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Project Management starts with People Management

Organizations tend to keep wide distances between project and people managers. Some of the biggest multi-national corporations boast on the structure that shields project managers from people management responsibilities. It is also fact that such companies are not coming out on the top, and have begun look inside for loopholes. Yes,

How does it Feel to Kiss a Stranger [VIDEO]

From time to time, we have had that feeling of kissing a complete stranger we encounter in our endeavors. Thoughts aside, have you ever wondered how awkward it would be if that person wants to really go ahead with the kissing part. In the video, the starting trouble is evident. The

Why Should You Maintain a Journal?

Perhaps I am around 20-25 days late this year in writing and publishing this post, but nevertheless, it is essential for everyone to have and maintain a journal irrespective of the date, time and place. There is a popular saying that goes something like this - if your life is worth

Social Media Risk for Organizations

This is the social networking age where most people are hooked onto one or more social networking circles. The human psyche's natural intent is to boast of ourselves, and social channels provide an excellent channel for us to blabber on what we do, including the menial tasks of cleaning a car,

Verbal vs Non Verbal Communication : Which is more Important?

In the science of communication, there is a notion that non verbal communication is more effective than its verbal counterpart. Several researchers have studied the various types of verbal and non verbal communications and have come out with theories supporting the latter. One such theory is the 7%-38%-55% rule suggested by

Focus on Communication

I am excited to update on some recent happenings and as a result a few changes are expected on this blog. I recently signed a contract with a publisher to author a book on communication. The writing will take place for the next four months and the book is expected to