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Blog Commenting is a Dying Art

In the age of blogs, the feedback mechanism which goes hand in hand with blogging is on the brink. It is a sorry state of affair and reasons are far too many. For starters, we have over a million blogs and users find a new blog for the unique information they

Facelift for Google Reader with Helvetireader and Grease Monkey

One of the biggest complaints against Google's applications across the board is its lack of austere beauty. The company believes that an application is supposed to do what it is built for and external appearance takes the last priority; rightly so. But, some geeks don't like to compromise and they re-jig

Simpson Family is Now Portrayed as African

I know for sure that many of you are avid viewers of Simpsons (were rather). Reuters reports that an advertising agency in Angola is giving a makeover to the Simpsons to reach out to the local community. The Simpsons, broadcast in more than 90 countries, have always been portrayed as yellow