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IT Professionals are being Influenced by Jihadis

What could be more shocking than a bomb going off in a crowded market? For me, it is the news that IT professionals are surfing jihadi websites, and sending out emails to Pakistan in the same regard. Security audits conducted in several IT hubs in Bangalore has revealed that some IT

Dolphins are Hunted, So are Chickens and Cows…

I was recently going through an article which pictures the horrible practice of killing dolphins in a small town called Taiji in Japan, by driving them to a cove. Here’s an excerpt: Twenty-six fishermen in 13 boats corral a few dozen dolphins into a small cove, where they kill the animals

The Dead Alibi

Earlier this week, I went out for an after-office drink with a cousin who I hardly see often. It was good catching up with him, and one of his experiences that he mentioned is worth blogging about, if not bragging about. In India, when you get caught for a driving offense,