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What is a Service?

This is ITIL 101. ITIL starts, lives, breathes, swims and eats service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Service is everything in ITIL. For somebody getting into ITIL, understanding service is critical to make any further progress. If you don't get the understanding of a service right, your ride through ITIL

What is PDSA?

The term PDCA abbreviating to Plan-Do-Check-Act is quite well known, and the presence of a similar acronym PDSA has raised a number of questions. PDSA stands for Plan-Do-Study-Act. PDCA and PDSA are one and the same. Dr.Deming who coined the PDCA cycle was under an impression that the C word conveyed a

ITIL 2011 on 29-Jul-2011

The core books of ITIL are getting updated, and the updated publications will be released on the 29th of July, 2011. There is plenty of rumor in the air that the updates - christened ITIL 2011 is a new version, and ITIL v3 is dead. The rumors are false, there is

Free ITIL Resources on the Web

The advent of web is the gateway to obtain free content. Many writers feel that information that is basic in nature need not be purchased at a premium but should be given away as free. This is a good marketing ploy as well. Throwing open bits of useful information will