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Achieving Balances in ITIL Service Operations

Service operations is believed to maintain status quo of IT services - to keep it running as per the design. While this is true, IT services evolve through technological changes and the changing requirements of the customer and the IT environment setup. While maintaining and running existing IT services along

India Objects .RAM Domain Extension

Chrysler produces Ram trucks. Ram as in the animal and not one of the major Indian gods. The company had applied with ICANN to obtain the rights to register domains with .ram extension. India has stepped in and has objected to the application stating that the extension sharing the deity's

Most Powerful Women in the World

Forbes magazine has published a list of 100 most powerful women in the world. The women chosen come from different walks of life and are champions in their own rights. The list is headed by Angela Merkel who is the chancellor of Germany. The 58 year old was instrumental in handling

Aaron Swartz, Reddit Founder Commits Suicide

Two weeks before appearing in a court hearing in a case relating to stealing scholarly articles with the intention of sharing it with users worldwide, Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit has committed suicide by hanging himself in his Brooklyn apartment. In 2011, Massachusetts Institute of Technology charged Swartz of stealing millions